Team Building

RMG Consulting specialises in "people" skills. An essential aspect in an organisation is how people work together to create effective, dynamic and coherent teams.

We have been called in to work with teams on issues such as communication, developing coherent strategy, scenario planning, increasing productivity and creating better working relationships. We also work with teams that are working effectively and who want to move on to the next level of performance.

Our approach draws on various team development theories. The techniques we use depend on the situation and the specific needs of the client and can include games, role play, creative work, group discussion, outdoor work and facilitation. We seek to explore interpersonal as well as team dynamics. Where possible we use current team issues as the basis for the workshop.

Our interest in this area is especially focused on "appreciative inquiry" where a team can explore what currently works and how well they work together before moving into more difficult or complex areas. In our experience, this approach encourages and creates a culture which is conducive to open, honest and appreciative communication.