Stress Management

People in today’s organisations face increasing demands and as a result feel stressed. This course is for those individuals who wish to manage stress for themselves or for their staff.

At the end of the day participants will have:
Understood what is stress and the stressors in their life
Examined the fit between their abilities and their jobs and highlighted the gaps.
Examined a variety of coping mechanisms and agreed to try at least one
Developed some tactics for helping their staff
Entered into a paired commitment to support one another

Topics covered:
What is stress?
What do we know about stress?
So how do we cope?
What helps us overcome stress?
Focusing on some key stressors
Managing my people - what are the stressors and how can I help them?
How well do I fit my current job?
Exercises that help stress reduction
Helping myself and my people
Individual actions and paired commitments