Career Development

Our career development events are designed around developing participants' career management skills. The sessions focus on identifying the skills and knowledge participants already have, then developing these strengths so that participants can take responsibility for their future development and move forward with their careers.

Outputs from some of our career development workshops have included:

  • a clear understanding of the skills that are essential for good career management;
  • identified actions they can take to strengthen their approach to career development;
  • an understanding of the values, interests and motivations that shape their career choices and how to use them to make future choices;
  • a plan for their own learning on the job;
  • a personal toolkit that can be used when holding career conversations with their manager and with Learning and Development;
  • an understanding of their preferred approach to managing work-related politics, together with an understanding of the various approaches that can be used and how to apply these to the situations that they may face;
  • the ability to articulate what their personal brand is;
  • increased ability to network with comfort.