Succession Planning

Succession planning can help organisations to achieve a number of objectives including:

  • Retaining talent: A Survey of American’s top 70 companies identified that a clear link exists between succession planning and retention of top talent
  • Active development of longer-term successors through ensuring their careers progress, and engineering the range of work experiences they need for the future
  • Influencing resourcing and development strategies through auditing the ‘talent pool’ of the organisation
  • Fostering a corporate culture through developing a group of people who are seen as a ‘corporate resource’ and who share key skills, experiences and values seen as important to the future of the organisation
  • Improved job filling for key positions through broader candidate search, and faster decisions

Conversely, if succession planning is not in place, general risks to the organisation include:

  • Losing irreplaceable skills
  • Knowledge and expertise not shared
  • Managers lacking the necessary skills and expertise for promotion
  • Skills shortages leading to inefficiencies

We can work with you to develop and implement a succession plan that meets the needs of your organisation.

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