Compensation and Benefits

Although pay is only one of many reasons people work, it is a key demotivator if your pay systems are out of step with the market and could be the cause of vital talent not giving their best or joining the competition.

Do you need to…:

  • Establish a new organisation and determine what pay is appropriate for different jobs….
  • Bring together two organisations with people who are on different pay arrangements….
  • Check your pay systems can stand up to an equal pay challenge….
  • Make sure your pay systems are not demotivating talented individuals…
  • Ensure that your pay systems support your career development processes…..
  • Check how competitive your pay is…..
  • Have more flexibility about how you can reward people….
  • Change your pay systems to reflect new structures and demands…
  • Review that cumbersome job evaluation system which no-one understands…
  • Have better links between pay and performance….
  • Make sure that all your reward practices fit together….

We have a mix of Consultants with both public and private sector backgrounds who work with you to identify your culture, issues and overall goals and tailor any solutions to your needs.

We assess needs, recommend a range of possible solutions, design pay policies and help you with the implementation of new arrangements. Alternatively, we may carry out a one off project on a very specific issue such as benchmarking pay levels against the appropriate external market as part of your salary review.

We have a pragmatic "hands on" approach and look for workable solutions to meet your requirements as opposed to technically complex pay systems which can confuse rather than clarify.