Capability Planning/Auditing

Organisations are operating in an increasingly complex, competitive environment. You need to have a clear picture of current capabilities and the capabilities you need to move forward, so that you don't fall behind the competition. Capability planning and auditing is being used extensively in organisations that are dependant on their people for competitive advantage. It is also a key element of talent management.

  • Capability planning and auditing is a highly effective method for delivering accurate job profiles against which employees' skills can be measured.
  • Capability planning helps organisations to voice what it is they need to be good at in order to deliver their strategy. It assumes that these capabilities/competencies can be measured and assessed to inform the organisation whether they have the skills available to achieve its goals both now and in the future.

We can provide:

  • A plan detailing current and future capabilities required for the organisation to remain highly successful
  • An audit of staff providing full diagnostic, identifying gaps in capability and recommendations for individuals to close the gap or be removed from existing roles
  • A capability planning and auditing process which can be kept up to date and reviewed annually
  • Guidance on preparing job descriptions and objective setting
  • Job descriptions and objectives based on capability plan and audit