Kate Russell
Kate Russell studied business law, qualified as a barrister and later worked in industry. She has experience as an operations manager and later as a supplier of corporate HR and training in the manufacturing, distribution and services sectors. Kate uses her extensive legal knowledge and practical skills advising small and medium sized businesses on HR issues. One of her proudest achievements is that in over eight years of helping employers manage their businesses, there has only been one tribunal case and the employer won it by a unanimous panel decision.

Kate specialises in the delivery of extremely practical employment law awareness training. Her unusual combination of legal background, direct line management experience and practitioner’s HR skills, enable Kate to present the stringent requirements of the law balanced against the realities of working life. She is a senior presenter for several companies and a regular public speaker.

In addition Kate is the author of two books, both of which have recently been updated. They are “101 Tips For Employers – The Briefcase Bible For Employment Questions” and “A Manager’s Practical Guide To Discipline – Nine Easy Steps To Becoming Decent Legal And Fair”. Kate is rather proud of the fact that when being proofed the readers kept commenting on how enjoyable the chapters were, as well as informative. She also writes a hugely popular monthly e-newsletter.