Andrew Tait
Andy is a Lecturer, Researcher and H.R. Consultant who, for the past 14 years has specialised in Organisational Distress.

In 1994 Andy won the National Award for 'Excellence in Training' and, in 1995 won the Training Innovation Award announced annually by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, whilst in 1996 he received the Boehringer Mannheim Occupational Health Award for 'Excellence in Services to Occupational Health'. Prior to this he worked for the Metropolitan Police for 20 years and was involved in serious criminal investigations and later, training police personnel.

Andy's approach to organisational distress is born out of research, originally undertaken on behalf of the Home Office, where he examined the psychosocial effects of exposure to traumatic or emotionally distressing workplace events. The outcome of this research was the publication of 'The Umbrella of Care' (an Organisational Approach to Staff Support). This has now become a definitive document in many public and private sector organisations.

Andy's model of support is one of only two such staff support strategies recommended by the Bank and Building Societies Post-Raid Trauma Group.